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Matthew J. Bracciante

501 North Salem Street
Suite 202
Apex, North Carolina 27502

(919) 362-4889

Mission Statement

My mission is simple: as your financial advisor, “I want to guide my clients in confidently making wise financial decisions.  If I am successful in doing this I am confident that our relationship will flourish and grow stronger.  I am in the business of forging and strengthening relationships while keeping clients confident in the strength of their financial well-being.”

I believe the relationship I maintain with my clients parallels that of the relationship between a CEO (Chief Executive Officer…aka “The Boss”) and a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  In my client relationships I am the CFO, while my clients are the CEO’s to whom I report.   The CFO’s responsibility is to intimately understand the outlook, goals, and finances of a company and then proactively recommend strategies to the CEO that they believe would position the company more favorably going forward.  The CEO may not implement every strategy presented to them, however, it will force thoughtful conversation and ultimately an educated decision will be made.  Like any successful relationship, trust is paramount.  Strategies and products will come and go but it is the relationship that must endure over time.  In my practice open and honest communication is the way that I build that foundation.